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List of Items That You Can Store in A Self Storage Unit

Utilizing the self-storage unit facility is beneficial to help people declutter. It is also a great and cheaper alternative for moving houses or students who need the extra space before settling down. Before you decide to get a self-storage unit, it is essential that you know the list of things that you can or cannot keep in the facility. 


8 Things You Can Keep in A Self-Storage Unit


1. Clothing


Clothing, including shoes, are things that can be kept in a self-storage unit. However, these things should be packed in airtight boxes or bins to keep them safe from pests. Besides, you can also upgrade to climate-controlled storage to avoid damage from mould or mildew.


2. Files and Documents


Files, documents, and other paperwork usually take up a lot of space in your office and home. They can look untidy as well if you leave them lying all over the place. This is why many people choose to store their files and documents in these self-storage facilities.


3. Household Goods


Most household goods can be stored in storage units. Items like books, furniture, toys, kitchen items, and office supplies can make great use of storage space. Storing these in mobile storage during a move reduces your stress of moving as you can take your time to unpack them once you have settled down.


4. Electronic Appliances


Electronic devices can be stored in a self-storage facility, as long as they are clean and dry. Make sure to remove the batteries before storing them. This would include refrigerators, TVs, stereo and gaming systems, stoves, microwaves, washers, dryers, freezers, and other computer equipment. Smaller appliances, such as toasters, coffee makers, vacuums, and paper shredders, are also fine.


5. Furniture


Furniture like wardrobes, storage units, desks, and tables are just some of the most common things people keep in the self-storage facilities. Whether you are moving into a new house or perhaps you’ve decided to downgrade to a smaller home, you can use the self-storage facilities to store some of your furniture temporarily.


6. Sentimental Value Items


Many people love to keep items with sentimental values, like toys you have growing up, artwork, and other collector’s items. All these things could take up a lot of space in your house but are too valuable for you to throw. If you have limited space, then this can be a problem. Thus, it is best to keep these items in a self-storage unit facility. 


7. Seasonal Items


From rolls of wrapping paper to fishing rods, there are many items that you only need at certain times of the year. Boxes of winter or summer clothes, sporting equipment such as skis, snowshoes, or surfboards, camping gear, holiday decorations, and all those plastic Easter eggs are great items to store in a storage unit.


8. Commercial Goods


Office furniture, supplies, equipment, file cabinets, and decor are items that you can keep in a self-storage unit. Things that are not needed for your day to day operations, but cannot be discarded for record-keeping purposes are best stored in a self-storage facility. 


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