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TOPBOX is proud to provide convenient, safe, and cost-effective self storage, servicing residents of Melbourne & surrounding areas.

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Types of Melbourne Self Storage We Offer

We provide affordable & secure Melbourne storage for your belongings.

Our Mobile Self-Storage unit from TOPBOX will provide you with a rewarding and hassle-free storage experience you will not find somewhere else. Just let us know when and where, and we will have a storage unit delivered to your front door, at your convenience.

Need extra space to store all your belongings? Our Local Self-Storage at TOPBOX will provide you with a safe, secure, and reliable storage unit that comes with 24/7 access and zero hidden fees. Available in various sizes to meet your storage needs.

Monthly Self Storage Rates

Self Storage Size
W:1.8m D:2.45m H:2.2m
1 Topbox$119/Box$119/Box$99/Box
2 Topbox$99/Box$99/Box$89/Box
3 Topbox$99/Box$99/Box$79/Box
DELIVERY FEE (within designated zones)FREEFREEFREE
RE-DELIVERY Fee (within designated zones)ACCORDING

Local Self Storage Monthly Rates

Local Storage UnitsMonthly Rates12 Months Prepaid Discount
1/2 Garage Size
W 2.44m
D 3.56m
1/4 Garage Size
W 1.8m
D 2.45m
H 2.1m
W 1.28m
D 2.1m
H 2.2m
Type C Storage Unit$5010%OFF
Payment TermMonthly Debit UpfrontPrepaid 12 Months & Get 10% Discount

Locker Storage Monthly Rates

LockerMonthly Rates12 Months Prepaid Discount
W 1.28m
D 1.05m
H 1.1m
Locker Storage Type 1$3010%OFF
W 1.28m
D 1.05m
H 2.2m
Locker Storage Type 2$4210%OFF
Payment TermMonthly Debit UpfrontPrepaid 12 Months & Get 10% Discount
Why Topbox Storage?

Best Price Guarantee

Get the best price guarantee for your storage needs and enjoy one of the lowest monthly rates in Melbourne from TOPBOX Storage and get free re-delivery if you opt for a +6 months or +12 months storage plan.

Better Deal

Enjoy a bigger storage unit for a lesser fee from TOPBOX Storage! Our storage box is known to be 20% larger than those you find elsewhere – which means you will be getting 20% more space for your storage needs.

No Hidden Fees

Everything you see on our website and quotation is everything you will need & pay. Nothing More!

Security Surveillance

We understand your safety concerns on your belongings, and which is why at TOPBOX, a 24/7 security surveillance (CCTV) is installed throughout our facilities to ensure the security of your stored belongings.

24/7 Access

Mobile Self Storage: 24 hours notice(1 business day) is required to access your TOPBOX. A pre-assigned entry code will be provided.

Fixed Self Storage – 24/7 access using a pre-assigned entry code number through the entrance gate and to the area where your fixed storage unit is located.

Box Delivery Tracking

With Topbox Storage box delivery tracking service, you can track to minimize your waiting time and also the whereabout of your belongings while on transit.

Tips to Find Cheap Self Storage in Melbourne

There must have been many things that you have been accumulating all these years in your home. Be it your clothes, furniture, old documents, books, toys, and even electronic appliances. If you are looking for the extra storage space to store these items, fret not, as a self-storage unit facility like TOPBOX, will cater to your storage needs either for commercial needs or moving to a new home. However, since there are many providers out there, it is essential to find the best and the cheapest self-storage possible in Melbourne.

Choose The Right Storage Size

First, You need to identify the right storage capacity that you need. Self-storage cost is determined by many factors, one of which is the unit size. To save on costs, choose a unit that best meets your storage requirements.

If you do not have plans to place more items in the future, a smaller unit may suffice. If you foresee yourself needing more storage soon, you may want to opt for a larger unit to save costs.

Decide on Which Items to Store

Figure out which items you want to store. The type of items to be stored determines the kind of unit you need. You can choose a closet-sized unit if you have small items to pack and stash away. However, for furniture, cabinets, and other bulky items, a much bigger and broader space is necessary.

Select The Right Amenities

Some of the standard amenities in self-storage facilities include CCTV cameras, climate control unit, air conditioning, multiple stories, and gates complete with access codes. Choose the right amenities that you need according to your belongings and budget.

Storage Term

Storage facilities are flexible, especially with the length of the storage term. Most contracts start from a minimum of one month. At TOPBOX, you will get lower prices self-storage units for an extended period of storage term. Thus, when selecting the best self-storage provider, check the price ranges that they provide along with the storage term that you need.

Shop Around

At TopBox, we offer the best mobile storage package in Melbourne with the best value for money. However, it’s important to shop around and do your research.

It is essential to do your due diligence and compare prices, or you could end up losing hundreds of dollars, especially when looking for a long term storage solution.

Cheap Self Storage in Melbourne

There are plenty of reasons people decide to make the most of a self-storage unit. We are here to cater to all your storage needs. By offering a safe, secure, and well-managed space to store your possessions, TOPBOX Cheap Self Storage Melbourne is the best and most economical option for people in Melbourne, Australia.

You can now get an instant quotation from our team to help you with your additional storage needs.


Storage Melbourne

What is self-storage?

Self-storage is usually used by clients to temporarily store or keep their belongings in a facility’s storage unit typically on a short term month to month basis. It is typically used to store household items and appliances, furniture, moving stocks for businesses, and to keep seasonal items when clients run out of space on their property.

Why is self-storage so popular?

Self-storage is a popular alternative because using self-storage units is an excellent option for clients to hold onto their keepsakes while not committing to a larger property than they need. Besides, self-storage units provide clients with space to temporarily store their belongings while moving or settling down to a new property.

Who uses self-storage facilities?

The top 10 reasons why people use self-storage facilities are

  • Relocating home or office
  • Business or commercial needs
  • Renovating or extending an existing property
  • House decluttering
  • Movement of stock
  • A safe place for equipment
  • To provide more space at home
  • Document archiving
  • Working away from home or in transit
  • Gap year

What popular item do people keep in a self-storage unit?

What popular item do people keep in a self-storage unit?

List of items you can keep in a self-storage unit.

  • Furniture
  • Seasonal items
  • Large household items
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Files and documents
  • Books and magazines
  • Collectible and artwork pieces
  • Clothing
  • Recreational item like a bicycle, surfboards, etc

How much does self storage cost in Melbourne?

The average self-storage fee for self-storage units across Melbourne is about $150 per month. However, at TOPBOX, clients can get as low as $60 to $79 per month for a self-storage unit.

What happens to my self storage when it rains?

Whenever TOPBOX Storage is outside our storage facility, it is covered with a weatherproof, sturdy cover. It also rests off the ground to ensure that if it rains, your belongings are secure and dry.