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Self-Storage Frankston

Self Storage Frankston Doesn’t Have to be Inconvenient: Try a Mobile Unit


A lot of people think that economically-priced service providers always cut corners, but it’s very possible to find competitively priced storage that still delivers great results. If you’re looking for a storage unit in Frankston that won’t cost an unreasonable amount, you might want to consider the mobile self-storage options we offer Frankston residents at TOPBOX. Mobile self-storage reduces overall costs to you, our clients, by providing additional service and support so that you won’t have to factor other expenses into your storage budget, such as renting transportation equipment. When you contact us for mobile self-storage, we’ll deliver the container you need so that you can fill it up ó then take it back to our warehouse for you and make sure it stays safe for as long as you leave it with us.


Our Unique Approach to Self Storage Frankston


How do we make sure we offer a comparatively cheap self-storage service and Frankston? Easy: we save money by making our warehousing more efficient. Our cutting edge facilities make logistics easy, allowing us to cut down on billable man-hours and pass the savings on to valuable clients such as yourself. The result is that you benefit from superior storage and highly competitive rates, all while enjoying the convenience of having our people move your storage units for you.


How Our Services Make Life Easier for You


You might be surprised by how many people decide to ìtough it outî with conventional storage practices, only to find out that they havenít prepared for the difficulties involved. The following are a few common mistakes that people make when theyíre looking at methods other than self-storage:

  • Not factoring in the costs of moving their items to the storage facility theyíve chosen. If your items wonít all fit in the back of your car, you might have to rent a van, truck, or trailer on top of any fees youíre paying for the storage facility itself. Thereís also petrol to consider, which can make multiple trips in your own vehicle less cost-effective than you might have thought.
  • Choosing a storage facility that only offers limited access to your items. Whatever you’re storing still belongs to you, so you should be able to check on it anytime you want. Many storage facilities only allow clients to access their premises during specific windows, which can be worrisome if you’re keeping valuable items there. We give you 24/7 access to our facilities so you can always make sure your items are safe.
  • Selecting a storage company that doesn’t offer extra services to help you pack. At TOPBOX, we’ll offer you tape, box cutters, cardboard containers and more to make sure your storage experience is as easy as it can be.


We take a different approach to local self storage in Frankston because we think you should be able to save money without compromising on the quality of the service you receive. Find out more by contacting us now and speaking to someone on our team.

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