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Essential Moving House Checklist and Tips

Moving houses can either be an exciting or stressful experience. They require plenty of planning and physical labour. A comprehensive moving home checklist is cardinal when it comes to having a smooth and stress-free transition. Thus, we prepare an ultimate moving home checklist and tips to assist you in arranging and packing your belongings as quickly, easily, and safely as possible.

Start With Getting Rid of Unused Items

The first step in having a stress-free moving experience is to decide on which items to keep and which to throw away. Moving house is an excellent opportunity to spring clean, so throw away belongings you don’t need.

Get Sufficient Packing Supplies

Packing supplies such as new card boxes, cutter, packing tape and clear plastic wrapper are some of the things that you need when packing. At TOPBOX, we offer various sizes of card boxes that will cater to your needs. Besides, we also provide other essential packing supplies like trolley hire to help you load all the heavy items.

Do You Need a Mobile Storage Service?

When you are done rearranging and decluttering all of your belongings, you might need to have the items moved while you clean the rest of the house. As a trusted mobile self-storage provider in Melbourne, TOPBOX provides free delivery to your location. With TOPBOX, you will be able to cut moving costs by not opting for a delivery truck.

Secure Storage

Even if you may have decided on a certain item of storage, you can extend the secure self-storage service, if you need to. With TOPBOX, you can choose for a longer storage term at affordable prices. You have the flexibility you need should you require additional storage time.

Consider Insurance

It is always a good idea to consider getting insurance to protect your belongings. For your convenience, TOPBOX has pre-arranged with a reputable insurance company in Australia to provide a comprehensive insurance package for your belongings.


As a trusted mobile self-storage service in Melbourne, TOPBOX will provide you with the most extensive care for your storage unit with your stored belongings. Have a stress-free moving home experience by contacting us. You can book our services online, or leave us your contact details for our dedicated teams to call you back.

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