Frequently Asked Questions

TOPBOX FAQ 10 Questions
What is Mobile Self Storage?

With Mobile Self Storage, we deliver a TOPBOX to your nominated location for your packing convenience! After packing, we pick up the TOPBOX and store it at our facility. Click here for further details.

What is Local Self Storage?

For Local Self Storage, you visit our facility to pack your belongings into a designated storage unit.  Click here for further information.

Where will my mobile TOPBOX be delivered?

Your TOPBOX will be delivered to the location of your choice! You can specify the spot as long as the space can comfortably fit an average car. e.g. on the permitted parking bay in the street or in the driveway. For more details contact us.

Is my TOPBOX secure in the TOPBOX storage facility?

Absolutely! We DO NOT keep the keys to your lock. You lock your TOPBOX and only YOU hold the keys. Additionally, we have CCTV surveillance at our storage facility. We also undertake general fire audits and conduct regular pest control.

What is the weight limit I can store in mobile TOPBOX and how do I prepare and pack my belongings?

The weight limit is 1000KG. Check out our Preparation Guide for loading your TOPBOX here.  This is also displayed on the wall of every mobile TOPBOX.

How do I pay for my TOPBOXES?

TOPBOX has integrated with an Australian Bank secure automatic payment system that allows you to pay by credit card or bank transfer. When you place your order, you will be billed the first month’s rent, deposit (if any), other applicable fees and any merchandise purchased. On the 25th of each month thereafter, you will be charged the monthly rent by recurring direct debit. Admin fee $11 per month is applicable to all accounts not on a direct payment method (credit card or bank account).

Is my payment refundable?

We understand that life can be hectic and that the best of plans change! We will happily refund your deposit/payment if you cancel either a delivery or a long-term storage plan, provided the necessary length of notice stipulated by TOPBOX is complied with. 

How much time do I have to load/unload my TOPBOX?

We generally allow 2 hours for you to load or unload your TOPBOX at your location. If you need more time, a waiting charge is applicable. Please call us for further details.

Are there any items I cannot put in my mobile TOPBOX or Local Storage Unit?

For safety reasons you cannot store any of the following items:

  • Flammable or hazardous goods, bottled gas, liquid fuel
  • Firearms, munitions or explosives
  • Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods or corrosive substances
  • Paint
  • Plants or animals (living or dead)
  • Food or perishable goods, alcohol or wine
  • Illegal Goods
  • Waste
How do I organize re-delivery of my TOPBOXES and how much notice do I need to give?

Simply fill in our quick online re-delivery request form available on our website here.
Our team members will confirm your re-delivery requirements by email. To avoid any disappointment, please give us at least 5 business days notice for the return of your TOPBOX.

If you have more questions,  contact us