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Ideal for commercial and residential usage.

How Big is the Local Self Storage?

Check the availability of the local self storage, please call 1300 867 269

Truck & Driver service available?

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2.44m WIDE x 3.56m DEEP x 2.7m HIGH 

Local Self Storage Unit Size


1.8m WIDE x 2.45m DEEP x 2.1m HIGH 

Secure Self Storage Unit Size

*Access requires 6 business hours’ notice. Fees apply to short notice access & no show. Max. 4 access/mth. Ref FAQ.


1.28m WIDE x 2.1m DEEP x 2.2m HIGH 


You can access 24/7 using the unique pin provided to you when you sign up.

Monthly Storage Rates

* Access requires 6 business hours’ notice. Fees apply to short notice access & no show. Max. 4 access/mth. Ref FAQ.

Check the availability of the local self storage, please call 1300 867 269

Local Self Storage Unit in Melbourne

Topbox Local Self Storage offers the lowest rates and high-security self-storage units in Melbourne. Short or long-term storage for your home furniture, office equipment, construction tools, or almost anything else. Our storage facilities will provide you with a secure storage solution.

What do We offer?

We are the local Self Storage units provider in Melbourne. These are the benefits of storing your items at Topbox Self Storage Units in Melbourne.

-24-hour 7 days Access

-Security Surveillance

-Unique Pin Provided

-No Hidden Fees


Have you considered a storage delivered to your home?

Tips To Find The Right Self-Storage Unit


People have relied on self-storage unit facilities in providing themselves with extra space for their belongings. From moving houses or offices, to keep the old stuff that is too valuable to throw away but is taking too much space, this self-storage trend has continued to flourish. However, having a secure self-storage unit is an essential consideration. 


A secure self-storage unit is when your belongings’ safety and security are treated with priority by the self-storage provider. Some people might want to store memorable possessions like childhood items at a self-storage unit. Thus, it is essential to know whether your self-storage provider takes a safety precaution when storing your belongings. 

What Makes a Self Storage Unit Secure?

Security Surveillance 


Having 24-hour CCTV security surveillance working at the storage facility is vital in keeping your belongings secure. Thus, you need to ensure that the self-storage premise that you choose is equipped with up to date, digital security surveillance. 

Password Protected Access


Choose a facility that uses an access system that requires customers and employees entering the property to enter a unique access code at gates and doors. This security measure dramatically limits who can access the storage facility and allows the provider to review who has registered and exited it.


Proper Lighting in The Premise


Having an efficient lighting system is also what makes a self-storage unit facility safe. Thus, you need to look for facilities with exterior lighting that will deter trespassing and interior lighting that is either always lit or motion-activated. 

How To Find The Right Self Storage Unit For You?


Besides ensuring the safety factor of your self-storage unit, it is essential to know what type of storage is suitable for your needs. Below are the things you should consider when choosing the right self-storage unit. 

How Much Space Do You Need?


It will be helpful to have an inventory of everything you want to keep in storage. You need to always go with a slightly larger option than you think you will need. 

What Kind of Items You Can and Cannot Keep in The Storage?


Some items are more sensitive than others, such as essential documents, sentimental photo albums, that you need to decide whether to keep in storage. Besides, be sure to check the list of items you are not allowed to remain in the self-storage unit.

Do You Need Your Belongings to Be Insured?


You need to be aware that your belongings are stored at your sole risk. Thus, you need to take out the appropriate insurance cover which we highly recommend.  For your convenience, TOPBOX has arranged a reputable Insurance Company to provide insurance for your possession at a very competitive premium.

Why TOPBOX Storage?


At TOPBOX, you will be the only one provided with the key to your self-storage unit. We will ensure that no other individual, other than yourself, will have access to your belongings. Besides, insurance is provided to you as it deems necessary. With 24/7 access and box delivery tracking, TOPBOX will ensure you with the most secure self-storage unit facility.