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1.8m WIDE 2.45m DEEP x 2.2m HIGH – External

1.78m WIDE 2.4m DEEP x 2.04m HIGH – Internal

Size of the box does matter. You get more room for every dollar you spend at Topbox.


How Your Storage Box is Delivered?

mobile self storage booking

1. You Book

Call us to book. Discuss with our friendly and helpful staff to work out the best solution for your needs. There is NO CHARGE until your TOPBOX arrives.

mobile storage units delivery

2. We Deliver

Your TOPBOX is delivered on the date and time you requested, saving you both time and money. Generally driver will wait for 2 hours. No rental truck needed.

pack storage box

3. You Pack

You have options to load your TOPBOX or you can engage a removalist to do the work! Then lock it and keep the key.

mobile storage box

4. We Store

Once loading is finished, we will pick up your TOPBOX at the same time and store it at our secure warehouse. Schedule access or re-delivery when you end the storage.

Monthly Mobile Storage Box Rates

6 - 11
12 +
(within designated zone ONLY)
(within designated zone ONLY)
$229 $229 FREE
Mobile Self Storage
Monthly Rate
159 /BOX $ Call 1300 867 269
W1.8m - D2.45m - H2.2m

Note: The listed delivery and re-delivery fee applies to a single box. Add $149 for each additional box on the same trip.



  1. We offer the lowest rates for all storage plans.
  2. We give you free re-delivery if you opt for a +12 months storage plan.
  3. Our Topbox is larger than those of other providers, and in most cases, our box is 20% larger. This means you will be getting 20% more room for your dollar! See our box sizes
  4. For your convenience, we have a range of reasonably priced packing materials, delivered together with your Topbox. You can even hire a trolley at a small fee.
  5. Our friendly staff will discuss with you to work out any concerns you may have.

What is Mobile Storage?

Self-storage is a service that offers you a storage space such as rooms, lockers, containers, or outdoor space to store your items. Outdoor storage space is also known as storage units. A mobile storage unit, which is essentially portable self-storage, is when the provider companies bring the storage unit to you. Once you have packed the box storage, TOPBOX will take the mobile storage box with your belongings and store it in our secure storage facility to be kept short or long-term.

The Uses of a Mobile Storage

Having a mobile storage box can be convenient during times when you need the extra space and hands in helping you organize your belongings. Let us look at the three major uses of mobile storage.



Moving is time-consuming and can be stressful, be it when you are moving house or office. With a mobile storage unit, the whole process will be more manageable. You can simply arrange for the storage unit to be delivered at your new home whenever you need it. All you need to do is pack your belongings and move them to the mobile storage units. Furthermore, you can always opt to extend the storage period should you need more time to organize your new home.


We all spend our lifetime collecting stuff, be it clothes, books, maybe action figures and toys. However, keeping too many things may sometimes lead to a messy house or also unhappy partners. So if you are one, fret not, as having a mobile storage will help make sure you get to store special things attached to your feelings or moments of nostalgic sentimentality.

Temporary Downsizing

Some people sell their larger home due to certain circumstances and are left with an overwhelming amount of belongings they no longer have the space to store. This is where a storage box comes in handy. If you are in a limbo, this service will allow you to pack your belongings and keep it in a safe place until you get settled into a new or permanent home.

Minimum Storage Term of Self Storage

Storage terms are typically on a month-to-month basis and can be waived, so you are not bound by a pre-selected storage term. However, TOPBOX offers promotions and discounts that require a minimum storage term to be eligible.

For example, for mobile self-storage of fewer than six months, a single check-out fee of $59 will apply when you end the storage and collect the contents from the secure storage facility. This check-out fee is waived for contracts over six months.

Why You Should Use a Portable Self Storage?

A mobile self-storage is convenient for when you need the extra space to store your belongings or when you want to move your furniture to your new home. This is also a cheaper alternative that will keep your mind at peace. At TOPBOX, we offer the lowest rates for all storage solution plans and a free re-delivery if you opt for a 4-12 months or 12+ months storage plan compare to other mobile storage Melbourne. Most importantly, the security of your belongings is our priority. You get to lock your TOPBOX, and only you will have access to the keys.

With 24/7 easy access to your belongings, you can now book our storage service online or leave us your number for our customer service team to consult you when you are in need. at your convenience.