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Self Storage Prices in Melbourne

Whether you are downsizing, decluttering, or moving, the option to store your bulky furniture and unused items is best done with self-storage units. Considered a cheap storage solution worldwide, this article will walk you through storage unit prices in Melbourne.

For most people considering self-storage in Melbourne, the main question would be how much does self-storage cost? Essentially, self-storage prices are determined by volume and calculated monthly. So how much do storage units cost per month?

At TOPBOX, we strive to provide clients with the best deals for short term or long-term periods, with flexible conditions and secure storage facilities that cater to every lifestyle. Below is the average cost of our storage units.

Moble Self Storage3-5
Self Storage Size1 Topbox$119/Box$119/Box$99/Box
2 Topbox$99/Box$99/Box$89/Box
3 Topbox$99/Box$99/Box$79/Box
DELIVERY FEE (within designated zones)FREEFREEFREE
RE-DELIVERY Fee (within designated zones)ACCORDING

Self-Storage Prices Per Month

At TOPBOX, our self-storage unit cost is the lowest in the industry.

If you opt for two mobile storage boxes, you can get the price as low as 15% discount per month. An additional discount will be given to clients who opt for mobile storage space for more than 12 months, with 25% discount for 2 boxes of mobile self-storage units per month.

If you need plenty of storage to keep your belongings, you can opt for 3 mobile storage boxes with 15% discount per month. An additional discount for storage for more than 12 months will be applied and 3 mobile storage boxes will get up to a whopping 33% discount.

Enjoy free delivery for your mobile storage boxes within a designated area when you keep your belongings at TOPBOX for more than 3 months and free redelivery for your mobile storage boxes for more than 6 months.

Self-Storage Prices Per Week

At TOPBOX, we only offer clients a monthly storage option. However, you can take the above storage prices to calculate the storage costs you will be spending every week by dividing the monthly expenses by 4.

For any upfront rental payment, we will refund the unused rent on pro rata, weekly basis. Please note the minimum storage period charged is one month.

Self Storage Prices Per Year (For 12+ month plan)

Essentially, to determine how much storage units will cost you for a year at TOPBOX, simply multiply the monthly storage prices by 12 and apply the long term discount.

The yearly cost will be as follow:

One mobile storage box = Monthly rate x 12 month’s x 15% discount

Two mobile storage boxes = Monthly rate x 12 month’s x 25% discount

Three mobile storage boxes = Monthly rate x 12 month’s x 33% discount

One local storage box = Monthly rate x 12 month’s x 10% discount

Additionally, at TOPBOX, we provide clients with designated delivery and redelivery fees according to locations and zones.

Factors Impacting Storage Units Prices

Self-storage prices for the same size unit may differ from facility to facility. This is because of several factors like location, unit size, convenience and duration of your stay.


Storage prices will vary according to where the facility is located. The reasoning is that real estate prices are far lower in the outskirts than they are closer to heavily populated areas.

Unit Types & Sizes

Choosing a storage unit that works best for you is crucial. Taking advantage of the type and size of your unit can lead to huge savings. This can be done using uniform size boxes that stack well and strategically placing large items.


Selecting the right storage provider and unit ensures that your specific needs are met. Does the facility offer you the flexibility to upsize and downsize as your needs change or knowledgeable and helpful storage consultants? At TOPBOX, we provide clients with easy access to their belongings so that you can get your items at any convenient time.

Storage Duration

The minimum duration of storage for all storage providers is usually up to a month. Some self-storage offers the option of discounts for more extended storage periods. At TOPBOX, we offer clients long-term mobile storage discounts of up to 20% on your 12+ month bookings when you pay refundable deposit of one-month rent, and long-term local storage will get discounts of 10% on your total bookings when you pay your fees 12 months in advance.

Choose TOPBOX Storage For the Best, Affordable Self-Storage Solutions in Melbourne

At TOPBOX Self Storage Melbourne, we offer clients the most economical rates for all storage plans and free redelivery when you opt for a 3-12 months or 12+ months storage plan. Notably, the security of your belongings is our top priority. You will be provided with the keys to lock your TOPBOX that only you will have access to. With 24/7 access to your belongings, you can now book our service online or leave us your number for our team to consult you at your convenience.