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How To Store Items in a Long Term Storage


Are you thinking about putting away some of your belongings in a self-storage facility? As it is a great way to declutter, organise your items, and ease your moving process, there are a few things you need to consider when storing your goods. To ensure the safety of your items and to preserve the condition, below are a few must-follow tips for you to store your items in long term storage. 


Five Useful Tips to Store Items in a Long Term Storage


1. Clean Items Before Storage


You must ensure all your items are clean and dry before storage. Keeping your belongings for the long term at a storage facility without cleaning them first may eventually invite pests and mould. Thus, making sure they are clean is an essential part of preserving their good condition. 


2. Avoid Plastic Bag 


Understandably, plastic bags are a cheap alternative to store items. However, plastic bags will not allow your items to breathe and will trap moisture, which can eventually damage your items. Thus,  it is best to avoid the use of plastic bags to store your items long term.


3. Use Clean and Study Cardboard Boxes 

Cardboard box for long term storage

When storing your items for an extended period, it is essential to use clean and sturdy boxes. Using new boxes is better than using old boxes. This is because used boxes may contain moisture, bugs, or mould that could eventually harm your items. 


4. Keep Your Items Covered 


It is important to cover leather, wooden or cloth furniture with a breathable material. By covering your belongings, you can keep your furniture away from dust, mould, and mildew as you need to store them for an extended period. 


5. Put Label on Everything 

Labeling box


Since you are storing your belongings for an extended period in a self-storage, it is best to label everything. This is to make it easy to arrange and unpack those items when you need them later. Marking the items will also prevent you from having to sort through each one to find a specific item you’re looking for.


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