Preparation Guide

This is a guide to assist you in storing your belongings securely:

Use carton boxes, blankets, stretch wraps and / or ropes as much as possible to protect and secure your goods to avoid any damage.

Wherever ​appropriate, tape the bottom of the carton box in order to strengthen it.

​​Clear out, clean and defrost your fridges and freezers before putting them in storage.

Label your carton boxes for easy retrieval & identification.



The following items are strictly PROHIBITED for storage:

Flammable or hazardous items, gas and fuel

Firearms, weapons, munitions or explosives

Toxic and contaminated items or corrosive and radioactive substances


Animals (living or dead) and living plants​,​ food (fresh, perishable, frozen or refrigerated), alcohol and wine


Illegal goods



Keep an inventory of the items you are storing.

​F​ragile items ​should be packed ​in boxes or cartons using paper, bubble wrap or foam boxes.

Label FRAGILE where applicable.

Store boxes with larger and heavier items on the bottom and lighter boxes on top.

Distribute the weight of the items and boxes evenly throughout the entire storage floor space.

Store glass sheets or mirrors upright / in an upright position. Exercise caution to restrict excessive movement when in transit using appropriate restraints and materials.

Lock your TOPBOX whenever you are not attending to it.