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A tale from a TOPBOX Manager – the woe of a customer seeking access!

A funny thing happened to me this morning at TOPBOX. Pulling up to work, I noticed a man waiting outside the gate of our TOPBOX facility. As I made my way in with my security code, I asked if he needed any help.

He replied: “My wife has booked in for access today to our mobile box between 9am-11am.”

I thought this was strange as I knew no one had booked in to access their box today.

So I said: “Come into the office and I will check for you.”

I checked our records and couldn’t find his name that he’d given me. He then pointed to a text message he received presumably from his wife. He said that the message clearly had our TOPBOX address.

Surprised, I said: “We are TOPBOX Storage.  Are you sure you have the correct storage company?”

He replied: “Is this (name of a different company)?”

I said: “No, we are TOPBOX.”

Having realised what the mix-up was we couldn’t help laughing our heads off while on the opposite side of a see-through safety plastic shield on the counter and with our masks on!

After he left the office, I thought about how lucky TOPBOX customers are with our easy access process in place. Every customer is given a unique 24/7 access Pin Code when an access request is confirmed.

With your Pin Code, you are able to enter the TOPBOX facility at your own leisure to access the storage box without any time constraints. You can spend a whole day (or two!) retrieving or storing more stuff into your box!

You can appreciate that our access procedure at TOPBOX is clearly COCID safer because it is contact-free.

You certainly won’t have to waste precious time waiting for the gate to open like our friend this morning!

I wonder what he might tell his wife!

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