Melbourne Self Storage You Can Trust

We provide affordable & secure storage for your belongings.

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*Depending on rental period.

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You can trust us because:

We are committed to be a trusted provider of mobile self-storage services in Melbourne.

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  1. We offer the lowest rates for all storage plans.
  2. We give you free re-delivery if you opt for a +6 months or +12 months storage plan.
  3. Our Topbox is larger than those of other providers, and in most cases, our box is 20% larger. This means you will be getting 20% more room for your dollar! See our box sizes
  4. For your convenience, we have a range of reasonably priced packing materials, delivered together with your Topbox. You can even hire a trolley at a small fee.
  5. Our friendly staff will discuss with you to work out any concerns you may have.