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What You Should Not Put in a Storage Unit

A self-storage unit is a great storage option when you need the extra space to declutter or move. In both the US and Australia, self-storage properties are now considered a well-established commercial real estate class. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the last four decades.

However, not everything can be stored in a self-storage. Thus, before you decide on hiring a self-storage facility for your belongings, let’s find out the list of things you should not put in a self-storage unit.

8 Things You Cannot Put in A Storage Unit

1. Flammable or Hazardous Goods

Anything that has the potential to create substantial damage if opened or spilled is considered a hazardous material. This includes bottled gas, liquid fuel, car batteries, weed killers, paint, and motor oil.

2. Explosives Items

You are not allowed to store firearms of any type, such as ammunition and explosives items in a self-storage facility.

3. Toxic, Polluted or Contaminated Goods

Examples of toxic air pollutants include benzene, which is found in gasoline; perchloroethylene, which is emitted from some dry cleaning facilities; and methylene chloride, which is used as a solvent and paint stripper by several industries. These substances are not allowed to keep in a self-storage facility to ensure the safety of other belongings.

4. Plants or Animals

It is illegal for any person to keep animals of any kind, or plants of any kind, be it living or non-living. Nothing that requires light, food, and water to live can be kept in a storage unit.

5. Paint

No paint in Self Storage Unit

Paint is classified as a flammable liquid. Storing paint inaccurately can be extremely dangerous, and failure to do so can result in hefty fines and other penalties. Thus, you are not allowed to keep paints of any kind in a self-storage unit facilities.

6. Perishable Goods

Perishable goods such as food with a limited shelf life shouldn’t be put in a storage unit. Edible items can attract pests and cause an insect or rodent problem in your unit, not to mention neighbouring units.

7. Illegal Goods

You are not supposed to keep at possession anything illegal, let alone keeping it in a self-storage unit. Illegal goods like stolen items and illicit substances like drugs are illegal goods you should not store in a self-storage facility.

8. Waste

Waste items should not be kept in a self-storage unit facility. This is to prevent rotting or moulding of the wastage that will lead to an unclean environment in your storage unit.


A mobile self-storage is a convenient and cheap alternative when you need extra space for your belongings. At TOPBOX, the security of your possessions is our top priority. We will also ensure a clean and safe environment for your belongings. Thus, it is vital to know the list of items that you should not keep in the self-storage unit for everyone’s benefit. You can now book our service online or leave us your number for our team to call you back.

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