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Storers need to be aware that goods are stored at your sole risk. You should take out insurance cover.
The Facility Owner, TOPBOX is not liable for the loss of any goods stored on its premises.

In view of this, TOPBOX has arranged QBE / AON to provide you with the insurance for your goods stored in your storage unit.
It is convenient and easy!
You will be surprised to know that the insurance cost is only $3 per thousand of sum insured per month. For this sum, you are assured peace of mind by a reputable insurance company in Australia.

Please click here to view the PDS – Product Disclosure Statement.
Please click here to view the Aon FSG – Financial Services Guide.
Please click here to view the TMD – Target Market Determination.
Please click here to view the ASIC Information Sheet.
Please click here to view the Important Distributor Notice.

If you’d like to add insurance to your booking, please send an email to

Subject to any of the Insured Perils affecting the location of your goods, your goods are only covered if they’re physically within your locked storage unit at our storage location. The Customer Storage Insurance Benefits won’t cover your goods anywhere else, including while they’re in transit or outside your locked storage unit. Physical loss or damage caused or contributed to by your incorrect or inappropriate packing or stacking of storage within your locked storage are excluded.

Please note that the DSM – Deferred Sales Model comes into effect on 5 October 2021. Under the DSM, customer storage insurance can only be issued to the customer four calendar days after the later of :

  • • the customer completing and signing an application form to rent a storage unit; and
  • • the customer being given the ASIC Information Sheet (see above for more information on the ASIC Information Sheet).